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Gamper Trophy Could Be Played At The Estadi Johan Cruyff

Barcelona were planning to play the Joan Gamper Trophy game at the Camp Nou with fans, but the Catalan Government said that the fifth wave of COVID-19 is expected to peak for 8th August, the date the game is due to be played.

Barcelona are going to have to adjust their plans for pre-season in August. The Gamper Trophy game at the Camp Nou between Barcelona and Juventus was set to be played at the Camp Nou in front of fans.

However, ‘TV3’ says that the Catalan Government have told Barcelona that it will be impossible to play at the Camp Nou in the tribute match for Unzue, and definitely not with supporters in.

The regional government believe that the fifth wave of coronavirus will reach its peak for that date as a result of people travelling and the relaxing of restrictions such as the wearing of masks.

This means that the match could finally be played at the Johan Cruyff stadium, the B team ground, and Barcelona will have to forget about having 50,000 people in.

Another of the reasons for the change of venue is to do with the cost of opening Barca’s ground. ‘AS’ says that it costs around 150,000 euros to open the ground and Barca cannot afford to pay that for a match without fans or earnings.

However, a final decision has yet to be taken, but that seems the most likely option given the state of the pandemic.

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