Galaxy S24 Ultra leak compares its design with S23 Ultra

There is no stopping to Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks. The closer we get to the launch event, the more frequent and detailed leaks are getting. The latest leak shows the edges of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra side-by-side, comparing their design.

Leak highlights design differences between Galaxy S24 Ultra and S23 Ultra

If you have been following Galaxy S24 Ultra leaks in recent months, you might already know that the new Samsung flagship mostly looks identical to its predecessor. The only notable difference is the flat display, a switch from a curved panel on the 2023 model. With this change, the frame appears wider when looked at from the front.

In the image below, you can see that the Galaxy S24 Ultra (in grey) has a flat screen while the Galaxy S23 Ultra (in black) has its display wrapping around the frame. Looking from the front, the latter’s frame isn’t visible but the former’s frame sticks out a bit. Additionally, Samsung has redesigned the speaker cutout. Instead of tiny holes, it is now a coin slot-like strip.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra design leak 1Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra design leak 1

The Korean firm also appears to have flattened the clicky S Pen head. And if you paid attention, there’s one fewer hole at the bottom. The hole between the USB-C port and the speaker slit is missing on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The 2023 model has it, with Samsung calling it an “air vent hole.” The other hole near the SIM tray is for the microphone. It turns out the upcoming model moved the air vent hole to the top, next to the secondary microphone.

Apart from these changes, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s power and volume buttons look a little flattened out too. Everything else, including the positioning of the antenna lines, is unchanged. Note that the new Samsung flagship features a titanium frame, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra has an Armor Aluminum frame.

Samsung could have made the frame narrower

As pointed out by X tipster Ice Universe, Samsung could have kept a narrower frame on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, that would make the frame completely flat. Effectively, the edges will get sharper, making the phone less comfortable when held in hand for an extended period. The Korean firm seemingly prioritized user experience over aesthetics.

Samsung may strike a better balance between the two with the Galaxy S25 series, which is rumored to undergo significant design changes. Leaks about the 2025 flagships won’t start coming in bulk until late 2024. However, we may get to learn a few more things about them once the Galaxy S24 is out of the way. The upcoming flagship lineup is expected to debut on January 17, 2024.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra design comparisonSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra design comparison