FYSH is a feature-packed side hustle app that lets you keep everything you earn

Did you know that the term “side hustle” was only added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2022?

The freelance gig economy is a relatively new phenomenon, and that means it’s still trying to find its way in the dark. FYSH, an innovative iOS and Android app from developer Unison Workforce, is like a big glowing beacon for the industry.

FYSH—which stands for Fuel Your Side Hustle—is a single unified platform that lets clients and workers in every conceivable field advertise services and posts, send invoices, process payments, and much more.

Whether your side hustle is cleaning, photography, personal training, proofreading, dog walking, or any number of other lines of work, FYSH is a fantastic one stop shop.

Likewise, if you need somebody to clean your house, photograph your wedding, get you hench, proofread your thesis, or walk your dogs, you may well be able to find the person you’re looking for on FYSH.

And you don’t even have to close the app to get paid. Rather than fiddling with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or your credit card, you can send and receive payments through FYSH.

FYSH isn’t the first freelance platform, of course, but it steals the march on its rivals in a couple of important ways. Not only does it let you carry out your entire transaction through a single, intuitive interface, but it doesn’t shake you down for the privilege.

It’s not uncommon for platforms to harvest 20% of your earnings. FYSH, on the other hand, charges a flat 5% processing fee.

For that nominal sum, you get the ability to do everything we’ve already outlined and plenty more besides, such as scheduling work through the in-app calendar, sending out invitations, checking off tasks, and arranging appointments with prospective clients.

It’s early days for FYSH, but we expect to be hearing a lot more about it over the coming months and years.

To get started, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download it for free right now.