Free Evernote accounts will have a 50-note limit next week

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Evernote is tightening its free tier plan starting next week. It recently tested a limited free plan with select users earlier this week and is announcing it for all users starting December 4th. Hence, both, the new and existing free accounts will be restricted to only 50 notes and one notebook.

Evernote is limiting 50 notes and 1 notebook for free users

Evernote announced this change via a blog post: “From December 4, the Evernote Free experience is changing. Going forward, new and existing Free users will have a maximum of fifty notes and one notebook per account. These limits refer to the number of notes and notebooks a user can have in their account at one time: you can always delete unwanted content to remain below the threshold.”

Evernote assures that there will be no alterations to the current notes and notebooks. It states that “any Free user who currently has more than fifty notes and one notebook will still be able to view, edit, export, share, and delete existing notes and notebooks.” What this means is that you’ll be able to access your existing notes. However, with the limit in place, you won’t be able to create new ones unless you upgrade. Your option at that point will be to start deleting or exporting notes you no longer need to keep inside the app.

For instance, you could export things to Google Keep, although it doesn’t operate quite the same way. But it would serve as a place to store notes you don’t want to delete if you need to free up some room in Evernote.

How much does an Evernote plan cost?

Evernote has different plans you can choose from. And if you want more features beyond basic use, the premium plans are a good idea. The $15 per month Personal plan gives you 10GB of monthly uploads. If you pay $18 per month, you get 20GB and some extra benefits. It also has yearly versions of these plans, which cost $130 and $170, respectively.

Evernote’s recent decision to significantly restrict its free tier plan aligns with concerning reports about the company’s financial struggles. Notably, last year around this time, Evernote’s owner Bending Spoons laid off over 100 employees. A company spokesperson attributed the layoffs to Evernote’s “years of unprofitability” and the need for a more sustainable approach, according to a report by TechCrunch.