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France: Teen Muslima threatens to shoot officials, ‘I swear on the Qur’an!’

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“Carcassonne. ‘I swear on the Koran and the baby I lost because of you!,’” translated from “Carcassonne. “Je vous jure sur le Coran et le bébé que j’ai perdu à cause de vous !”,” La Depeche, April 7, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

Yesterday afternoon, an 18-year-old young woman was tried in immediate appearance for death threats against two staff of the Departmental House of Solidarity.

Placed in pre-trial detention in the women’s unit of Seysses prison since Wednesday evening, it was under the escort of prison officers that Nahima arrived at the court bar yesterday afternoon, for her judgment in immediate appearance. This native of Montpellier, just of age, was accused of the act of a “death threat against a public service officer,” on April 3 in Carcassonne. But also “contempt of a person holding public authority” and a “rebellion,” dating from March 9 in Lavaur (Tarn).

This story is that of a child placed in a home from the age of 7 months, with an absent father and an erratic mother. From a very young age, Nahima has been followed by social assistance for children… Placed under judicial control on January 16, following threats against agents in charge of public service missions, it is in Perpignan that the young girl, still a minor, had been placed in a home the next day. Runaway, she was then recovered on February 19… before setting fire to a sofa with a lighter, which had earned her being indicted for these facts and being placed in the penitentiary establishment for minors (EPM) from Lavaur.

On March 9, Nahima, just of age, then insulted two prison officers as she smashed up her cell: “On the Koran, I’m going to f**k you sons of bitches…” On the way to the disciplinary area, Nahima continued the insults by resisting.

On March 16, following threats made to agents of the Perpignan home at the start of the year, the young woman was therefore sentenced to 3 months in prison, accompanied by a probationary suspension for two years, with an obligation of care and that of doing 70 hours of community service. No prison, but a compulsory period in psychiatric care, before taking the train to Carcassonne from Lavaur, on March 23. A week later, it was at the Maison Départementale des Solidarités (MDS), rue du Palais in Carcassonne, that Nahima went to collect her identity papers. In vain, since she runs into a security guard who won’t let her in. To the agents present this Monday, April 3: “I’m going to come back to blow everything up with a Kalash, and this time it won’t be fake guns! I swear to you on the Koran and the baby I lost because of you!”

In court, Nahima acknowledged all of the charges, indicating that her words had gone beyond her thoughts and that she was “not radicalized at all!” In the interests of the two agents of the Departmental House of Solidarity, Me Philippe Gros returned to “this real verbal guerrilla warfare” of the charge against his clients. “The MDS has crystallized its hatred of institutions, but it does not have the monopoly on unhappy childhood!” At the public prosecutor’s office, it is a sentence of 8 months in prison, including 4 accompanied by a probationary suspension of three years which was required for this “little bit of young woman.” In defense, Me Quentin Poirot-Seynaeve bet on the person who offered to host Nahima in the Tarn: “When you have your life, you are not armed like everyone else! She must stop running away from happiness, before it escapes…” After deliberation, the court finally sentenced Nahima to 6 months in prison, accompanied by a probationary sentence for a period of two years. She emerged free from the courthouse, now to take charge of her life.