Fortnite launches its Lego experience, and it's pretty cool!

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What do Fortnite and Legos have in common? Well, they both revolve around building stuff. So, a partnership between them wasn’t all too unexpected. Epic Games announced this partnership just a few days ago, and it whetted our appetites. Now, Fortnite finally launched its Lego experience and, you guessed it, there’s going to be a lot of building.

The Lego Fortnite experience just launched, but what is it?

Fortnite is no stranger to implementing popular IPs into its universe. These partnerships usually involve entirely custom-built worlds, and Lego experience is no different. The story goes that you ran into a random portal (a natural occurrence in Fortnite?), and you’re transported to a Lego world. Also, you were transformed into a Lego character form.

Just like in standard Fortnite, you’ll need to survive. When you land in the Lego world, you’ll want to start gathering materials that you’ll use to start building your shelter. It’s hard to avoid the similarities to Minecraft. There are several aspects that will remind you of that game.

When you’ve gathered enough materials, you’ll be able to build a crafting bench that will give you access to more materials that you can build. The structures you can build will depend on the raw materials that you collect. The materials you can collect will depend on the tools that you craft. This is all standard Minecraft fare.

Building more than forts

So, when you’re building in the Lego experience, you’re not under the constant fear of being sniped by a camper from across the field. Rather, you’ll be able to cooperate with other users and build buildings. They can be as simple as houses or as complex as castles. In fact, don’t be surprised if you wind up building entire villages. You’ll be able to team up with other players to build all kinds of structures.

Yet another comparison to Minecraft (sorry); there are two modes that you can play in. Survival Mode is the standard mode. You can only build structures from the materials that you gathered. Also, you’re affected by things such as hunger, the weather, and stamina.

If you just want to build, you can go to Sandbox Mode. Here, just like in Creative mode in Minecraft, you can place structures without needing to gather materials. Also, you won’t be affected by the hunger, stamina, or the weather

It’s all about survival

As stated, you’re not under constant fear of being sniped from across the field. However, there are other threats to deal with. These threats come in the form of monsters. The land you fell into just so happens to be infested with all types of creatures that want your plastic head on a platter. In this experience, you’ll want to gather materials, craft weapons, and fend them off. While they’re not exactly Creepers, there seem to be giant chameleon monsters; the village-wrecking kind.

Your friends got your back

Don’t worry, this is a multiplayer addon for the game. This means that you’re able to bring your friends in and build together. When you create a world, you can bring up to seven additional players into it. They’ll become keyholders, and this means that they can also access and craft in the world. You’ll be able to party up, fight monsters, build your village, and just have a grand old time.

Play today!

You can access this new feature today no matter where you download Fortnite. When you’re in the menu, you’ll want to go to the Discover section and select the Lego Experience. You can also connect your Fortnite and Lego accounts for added perks.