For The First Time in Public, Viral Nanny, Rosie Shows Off Her Own Children


Rosie, A young Kenyan lady who worked as a nanny in Lebanon and was adored by her employers’ children shows off her own children.

She had previously indicated in an interview that she had three children, two boys and a girl, before she started working as a nanny in Lebanon.

Rosie sat with her children, and her grownup daughter was seen joyfully playing.

In the video, Rosie and her children sat down together, and her adult daughter could be seen happily playing with her mother.

The well-known nanny also revealed that her former employment in Lebanon was a lovely family who welcomed her wholeheartedly.

Many people were surprised to see that Rosie had three children despite her young appearance.

The video generated discussion and opinions about Rosie’s unexpected family situation.

Watch the video below:

Reacting To ...;

Zee.mesh: “Jamani this kids are so fine, healthy and looks so happy,they must be in the best hands.”

GodieT: “Rosie looks good and happier at home.”

Chomsky: “Beautiful Children, please dont leave them again. They need you. Formative years is Very important.”

Sabrinah: “Rozy looks soo young waaaa.”

Hillarycatebabacal said: “But Rozie looked so young.”

User19050347001453 wrote: “Rozie stay with your kids and take good care good of them, they missed their mother’s love and care.”

User7373736 commented: “Rozy don’t go back stay with your family.”

Ansa7184: “Whoever take care of them do a good job thank you for looking so good after Rosie’s kid’s they looked beautiful and good God bless you.”

Revline Maswai: “Congrutulation to the person who take care of them.”