Flow Productivity Launcher simplifies smartphone usage

There are a ton of different launchers available for Android. Niagara Launcher has been extremely popular for a while, and Nova Launcher even longer than that. Then there’s Smart Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and so on. There are all types of launchers available, and Flow Productivity Launcher is a rather interesting one that many of you are probably not familiar with.

The Flow Productivity Launcher simplifies smartphone usage, and helps you focus

This launcher tries to simplify smartphone usage, basically. It keeps the home screen very simple, and intentional. There is some customization here, but not as much as on many other launchers out there.

So, the home screen is separated into a couple of sections in this launcher. In the top-left corner, you’ll see the time, date, and your upcoming calendar entry. In the middle portion, you’ll see your favorite apps. You can select 5 by default, and 10 max, though anything over 5 belongs in the paid model. More on that later.

In the bottom-left section sits ‘Focus Mode’, and in the bottom right you’ll see your SMS and phone call icons. That’s it as far as the home screen is concerned. If you swipe from right to left, however, another new section opens up.

The ‘My Feeds’ screen contains various widgets

That screen is called ‘My Feeds’, and includes a calendar widget, a tasks widget, and your screen time (and a comparison to yesterday’s screen time). There are also some big icons included at the bottom by default, but you can add more widgets here, if you want.

If you swipe up from the home screen, you’ll be able to access the app drawer, which looks different. It’s basically just a one-column list of all your apps, and an alphabet on the right edge of the display, so that you can quickly scroll between them.

This app does offer some customization. You can hide app icons, change icon shapes, use different colors (black and white are used by default), change the icon pack, and so on.

Many customization features are hidden behind a paywall

Do note that many of the customization features are locked behind a one-time payment, though. That’s the usual business model for launchers, though. For example, if you want to set more than 5 app shortcuts on the home screen, you’ll have to pay for it (10 is max). The same thing goes if you want to use double tap to lock, wallpapers, hide icons, and so on.

All in all, this is a rather interesting launcher, and it may suit some of you. It may help you use your smartphone less, and be more aware of how much you use it in general. Also, it may help you focus on work.

Flow Productivity Launcher (Google Play Store)