Fitbit's new AI chatbot will judge your workouts and provide insights

Generative AI has found a lot of use cases in the past year, such as planning trips, redecorating interiors, or even assisting in shopping. However, Fitbit now wants AI to be your personal coach, evaluating every workout and offering insights.

Announced at the recent Made by Google event, the new AI chatbot will debut as part of “Fitbit Labs,” collecting data about your workouts and sleep while providing information in a conversational manner, thus creating an experience similar to talking with a personal trainer.

In a demonstration, Fitbit CEO James Park showcased the capabilities of Fitbit AI by asking why his recent run felt more challenging than usual. The AI then provided a comprehensive analysis, stating that the workout indeed had a higher average heart rate due to his recent decline in sleep quality. Moreover, the AI pointed out that the incline of the recent running path was steeper than usual.

“Climbing those hills may have made this run feel harder, but that’s okay, you put in a great effort,” said the chatbot.

Furthermore, Google also plans to add visualizations within the Fitbit app, including charts and graphs, offering users a more comprehensive overview of a user’s performance. However, it is important to note that the new Fitbit AI will initially launch to “trusted testers,” with priority given to Pixel users.

Competing with Garmin

While Fitbit’s new chatbot could be a welcomed addition, considering the company has faced widespread backlash due to the recent app redesign, the new feature appears to be a strategic response to industry leader Garmin. This is because Garmin’s Training Readiness and Health Snapshot Features are the current industry standard when it comes to providing workout suggestions using sensor data.

Therefore, if implemented successfully, Fitbit AI can prove to be a formidable contender to Garmin since it has the potential to bridge the divide between complex fitness data and the needs of everyday users.