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Finland: Nearly 1.8 Million Leisure Trips Abroad Registered in Autumn Last Year

Helsinki Finland view from the sea

About 1.8 million leisure trips abroad with overnight stays were registered for a period from September to December 2022, based on the data provided by Statistics Finland.

The figures reveal that there was noted a significant recovery compared to the figures registered during the same period in 2021, reports.

“One-third of the leisure trips abroad with overnight stay were made to Southern Europe, for which tourism returned to the pre-pandemic level. The number of domestic leisure trips with overnight stays decreased slightly from September to December 2021,” the data provided by Statistics Finland read.

The same reveals that in autumn last year, domestic leisure trips numbers with overnight stays reached about 7.3 million, or a 13 per cent decline in comparison to the same period in 2021 figures.

Statistics Finland reveals that 2.0 million leisure trips abroad were made last year when trips with an overnight stay in the destination country, as well as cruises and same-day trips, were also included.

It was emphasized that the number of leisure trips to Estonia was still over one-third below in autumn last year, compared to the figures for autumn in 2019 before the spread of the Coronavirus and its new strains.

“The number of domestic business trips with overnight stay totalled 1.3 million. A total of 0.5 million business trips abroad with overnight stay were recorded in the statistics, which is nearly triple compared to autumn 2021,” figures provided by Statistics Finland reveal.

The figures provided by Statistics Finland last year revealed that the number of passenger flights last year also marked a significant improvement.

The data provided by the same source revealed that about 1,290,625 passengers flew through airports in Finland in November last year, or about a 50 per cent increase compared to the figures of the same month in 2021. Still, the figures were only 67 per cent of those registered in November 2019.

The same source noted that in November 2022, the number of passengers that flew through Helsinki Airport was 1.1 million, while another 228,394 flew through other airports. This means that Helsinki airport registered 82 per cent of all passengers at the country’s airports.

According to Statistics Finland, a total of 77 per cent of air passenger travel on international flights, while 24 per cent on domestic flights.

Finland’s travel and tourism sector among others has also been highly affected by the situation caused by the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and inflation, however, it is managing to open its doors to a large number of international visitors.