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Finland Has Started Construction of a Pilot Fence at the Imatra Border With Russia

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The border guard of Finland has announced that in Pelkola of Imatra, the construction of a pilot fence about three kilometres has started and is supposed to be completed by the end of June.

Through a statement issued today, the Border Guard also emphasised that the implementation of the eastern border barrier project started at the end of last year, reports.

At the same time, this project has received funding both for the pilot part and for implementing the most critical target areas.

“The work in the terrain will start today, February 28, 2023, with the removal of trees, and they will proceed in such a way that in March, the construction of the road and the erection of the fence will be started, followed by the construction of the technical control system,” the statement reads.

According to the border guard, during the pilot phase, a 300-meter-long barrier will also be built in the Immola garrison area, which will be part of the training environment of the Border and Maritime Guard School and will be used as a test area for surveillance technology.

As the country’s border guard explains, before the plan to start the pilot fence in Pelkola, it contacted the landowners in the area.

The Border Guard has also announced that it is preparing an implementation plan for the target areas defined as the most important, the construction of which will take place throughout 2023-2025.

Such target areas are border crossing points and their surrounding areas, as well as other areas classified as essential.

In this regard, the border guard revealed that with the funding provided, about 70 kilometres of barrier fence will be planned and built. As a result, 55 kilometres are scheduled in Southeast Finland, seven kilometres in North Karelia and five kilometres in Kainuuse and Lapland.

Furthermore, a road for the movement of border patrols and maintenance work will also be built near the fence. At the same time, an opening will be established near the road to enable technical monitoring and to minimise the damage caused by falling trees. This opening is about ten meters wide.

In addition, gates for the fence have been provided, which enable the movement of border patrols and animals. Lighting and loudspeakers will also be installed in all the most important target areas, and an environmental assessment of the fence has been made, with the goal being to cause as minor damage to nature as possible.