FG sets panel to investigate death of Greatness Olorunfemi, ‘one-chance’ Victim

FG has set a panel to investigate the death of Greatness Olorunfemi, a ‘one-chance’ victim.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that the Federal Government on Thursday inaugurated a nine-man independent investigative panel to investigate the death of Greatness Olorunfemi.


This Nigeria news platform recalls that on September 26, Olorunfemi was reportedly stabbed and thrown out of a moving vehicle along the Maitama-Kubwa highway. It was alleged in a viral video that the medical team at the Maitama District Hospital, Abuja requested a police report and denied her treatment.


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A voice in the video could be heard in the background saying she died 20 minutes later.


The panel consists of the Nigerian Medical Association, the Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria, the Medical Women Association of Nigeria, the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, and the Association of Resident Doctors.

Others are the Association of Pathologists of Nigeria, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, General Counsel, FCTA, and the Health Services Department, as the Secretariat.


Speaking during the inauguration of the panel, the Mandate Secretary of the Federal Capital Territory Health Services and Environment, Dr Adedolapo Fasawe noted that the members of the panel were nominated to help bring to bear their wealth of experience through painstaking investigation and interaction to unravel what led to the death of Olorunfemi proffer ways forward.


“This panel will play a crucial role in investigating this case and bringing about justice. We have explored the legal framework for establishing an independent and investigative panel, the process of appointing and constituting a nine-person panel, and the role and responsibilities of the panel in investigating the alleged death and ensuring accountability.

“The aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in addressing such incidents and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability in the Nigerian healthcare system,” Fasawe said.


Fasawe urged the panel to be free from any external influence, and ensure impartiality and credibility.
She added that the legal framework should provide clear guidelines on the panel’s scope of authority and the procedures to be followed during investigations.


“This would ensure that the panel operates within the confines of the law and respects the rights of all parties involved. I implore you to take this assignment as a worthy service to our fatherland by being thorough, professional, and efficient in the investigation of this incident.

“The process of appointing and constituting a nine-person panel to investigate the death of late Ms Greatness Olorunfemi’s death is a crucial step in ensuring transparency and accountability in healthcare systems. This investigation serves multiple purposes, such as providing closure to the patient’s family, identifying potential malpractice or negligence, and implementing necessary measures to prevent similar incidents.


“By constituting a nine-person panel, the investigation process gains credibility and legitimacy, representing a collective effort to uncover the truth and uphold the principles of justice and patient safety. This Investigative Panel is independent in all ramifications,” she added.


She said the panel must ascertain the clinical status at the time of arrival of the patient and any progression to and until death; to determine the role of parties in the matter of Olorunfemi and her unfortunate death; and to make recommendations for similar situations like this.


She declared, “The duration for the investigation and submission of the report is one week.”

Chairman of the panel, who is the President of MDCAN, Prof Aminu Mohammed said the panel would restore confidence in how things are conducted as it affects the wellbeing and life of the citizens.


“As we are inaugurated today, on behalf of the members, we are going to be exactly the oath we have taken. We are going to look into the system and critically analyse and come up based on the informed decision and provisional investigations that will be carried out on everyone who has something to do with what happened.”


Describing it as a regrettable situation, he said that the panel would be fair to all parties concerned, to the system, the government, and most especially the family.


“Whatever clearly, transparently appears to us as evidence is what we are going to submit as our report and is what we are going to advise the system. If the system is okay, we will advise on how to improve it, if the system has some fault, we are going to advise on how to remedy it to prevent future occurrences.


“Also, we feel that the outcome of the panel investigation is going to open a new chapter on how things are done not only in healthcare but in all other public services that are rendered to Nigerian citizens.”