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Femi Adegolu speaks on attaining financial freedom through Blockchain

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ddac blockchain

Femi Adegolu speaks on attaining financial freedom through Blockchain

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Published By: Michael Adesina

The founder of Bchain Academy, Femi Adegolu, has urged the Nigerian government as well as African leaders to empower youths by investing in Blockchain trainings.

Adegolu made this known on Saturday at Blockchain Vibes Academy’s graduation ceremony tagged, “Blockchain for Financial Freedom and graduation ceremony of cohort 3.”

“You can not tackle any social vices in your people if you don’t tackle unemployment,” Adegolu stated as he further encouraged youths to be ready to learn about blockchain.

He stated that the goal of the academy is to empower young people in Africa and ensure they become financially free through the help of Blockchain.

Adegolu believes that the way in which we can grow the continent is by investing in young people, investing in human capital development and investing in our future.

He also appreciated his sponsors and partners like Nodo, Intmax, Noones, Althash University, Afrihealth amongst others for making the academy a success.

One of the speakers in the ceremony who is a developer advocate of Intmax, Joseph Dara, spoke on the uniqueness in Blockchain technology as regards comparing with other chains which has limitations such as lack of privacy, censorship, access to global financial system.

He also emphasized on the slow process in transaction speed when making some money exchange and transfer in other blocks which makes Blockchain technology a better resulting option using Intmax.

Most of the speakers also said that ways in which the attendees can improve their knowledge and capacity in tech is by enrolling in Bchain Academy and also joining communities to learn more.

The Special Advisor to Governor of Delta state on Youth and Talent, Daniel Chiazor, on his part, commented on the growth of Femi Adegolu in teaching people both forex and Blockchain market.

He believed that it was a good starting point for students to engage in such legal space as Blockchain as it will help students with more income.

“It is a good thing as a student because the Nigerian economy does not favour your degree anymore so you have to focus on something that pays while in school.”

Daniel revealed that the Commissioner for Youth was also working on a project next year to foster training of the youths in the area of crypto trading and forex marketing.

He advised that Government should empower the youth and give them start up capital just like Blockchain.

Daniel also recommended initiating of scholarships and giving of trainings to the youth to encourage them.

He urged those graduating to be standard of emulation and not go into fraud because the future is bright.

At the event, awards were given to graduating cohort 3 such as Amarachi Nwashukwu (Mara blossom)- Community/Marketing specialist, Anita Darlington- co founder & CEO Kristaspace community operation consultant, Noble Ironside, founder of Ironside Academy &. AA- Rated Analysis, Emmanuel Nduka, Linda obi, David Adefunmilayo, Ikenechuku, Anita Darlington, Adedolapo, Monalisa Agbata.

Honorarium were given to some of the guest present in the event such as Chief operation office of Pocketfood, Oluwabunmi Balogun, US consulate Deputy, Kenise Hill, African regional marketing manager, coin W- Monalisa Agbata, Daniel chiazor – Special advisor to Governor Delta state On Youth and Talent and Shodipo Ayomide.

Gifts such as #100,000, scholarship for 15 slot with 85% discount in price with a few branded T-shirts were also won by attendees.

In an interview, one of attendees, Abdulqudus Ibrahim, said the event has added a great value to him as he is exposed to a new phase of exploring a development that will impact is life forever.

He further acknowledged the efforts of the founder of Bchain Academy , Mr Femi Adegolu and his planning committee for success of the event.