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“Father Please I Don’t Want To Fail” – Little Girl Break Down In Tears As She Burst Into Prayers In Exam Hall (VIDEO)



The unidentified school girl was seen seated on his desk in a classroom offering a passionate prayer to God asking him for help as she says she does not want to come out a failure after the exams is over.

She pleaded with God not to allow her to fail the examination and as she broke down in tears praying with passion and this to a large extent tells how much passing this exam means to her.

“Father please I don’t want to fail, father please”, she screamed while crying and praying in the hall.

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In other news, Nollywood actor and model, Alexx Ekubo has raised doubts that a flat tummy and six-packs are God’s plan for mankind.

Alexx Ekubo who shared his experience after having a workout session at the gym probably to reduce his belly fat and achieve six-packs on Twitter lamented over how his whole body aches.

He pointed to the fact that babies when they are born don’t have a flat tummy, hence he does not think God’s plan for mankind is to have a flat tummy and six-packs and he revealed his resolve not to go against God’s wishes as he hints at no more pursuing 6 packs anymore.


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