Fans finger BBN, Doyin’s as Ceec Loses Brand Deal

doyin ceec

Cynthia Nwadiora, better known as CeeC from Big Brother Naija, recently revealed on the ‘I Said What I Said Podcast’ that she lost a brand deal due to a colleague’s dissatisfaction with working on the same project as her.

Prior to this podcast revelation, CeeC alluded to a ‘unknown’ colleague who frequently compared their work and even questioned CeeC’s compensation for shared projects.

CeeC elaborated on the colleague’s negative personality and lack of empathy during the podcast, particularly during their collaborative work.

CeeC dropped the bombshell when she revealed how she lost a brand deal not due to incompetence, but because an unidentified colleague explicitly stated to the brand’s team her refusal to collaborate with CeeC.

The reality TV star learned about this firsthand from someone who came forward to share the information.

CeeC revealed that despite the pain, she chose to rise above the situation and let it go.

In the aftermath of this revelation, tensions escalated between CeeC’s fans, the Spartans, and Doyin’s supporters, as accusatory fingers pointed towards Doyin.

The speculation revolves around Doyin being the unidentified colleague who not only hindered a deal for CeeC but also informed her about the loss of the opportunity.