FACT CHECK: Video of OPay agent protest in Ikeja FALSELY shared as recent

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There was panic among OPay users after an old video of some OPay agents protesting at the Alexander House in Alausa Ikeja was re-shared on social media, especially some Whatsapp groups.

A Twitter user with username @Ahmad_teejaay while quoting the video on Sunday said: “Withdraw your money from your opay account to avoid sad story.”

The video, which was also shared on different Whatsapp groups, was captioned, ”Don’t say that u weren’t warned, if u have an OPay account watch this. Ejikwa ụtụtụ achụ ewu ọjị. A word is enough for the wise”

The two-minute, 44 second video which was reedited with a SCAM ALERT BEWARE tag, has caused panic among OPay customers.

The video shows some protesting agents, lamenting to be experiencing frequent unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts and they had complained to the company, but nothing was being done.

They also said they had reported the matter to the police to help them in recovering their stolen money. 

“Huge sums of money were unscrupulously taken away from our accounts. Balances of our accounts were removed, some were transferred to other banks, and some were used to purchase airtime, others were transferred to different OPay accounts that we do not have any dealings with,” a leader of the agents who spoke on camera stated.


The Nation analysed the video using various techniques, including keyframe analysis, reverse image search.

We can confirm that the video is old and not recent.

The video was first shared on TVC news’ YouTube page on August 23, 2021.

Closer attention to the video reveals that some of the protesters wore nose masks, which also confirms that the protest happened when wearing of nose masks was mandatory due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OPay management’s reaction:

OPay, while refuting the video in a statement released on Sunday, October 1, 2023 said: “Our attention has been drawn to a certain old video that resurfaced on some social media platforms regarding alleged fraudulent activities on some OPay Agent accounts.

“We wish to state that the allegations are dated and have been resolved in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. We implore our customers and the general public to ignore and disregard the video and its content. We remain committed to protecting our users from any fraudulent activity or scam as customer data protection is our priority.”

Misleading, as the video is old and was first shared on TVC news’ YouTube page on August 23, 2021.