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EXNESS Trade App: Trade on the go with the world’s largest retail market maker

In just over a decade, smartphones have evolved from being a communication tool with some added features, to primary devices that permeate every aspect of our lives.

Recognizing this shift, companies are capitalizing on how important these devices are in our daily routine, by offering mobile apps that enhance our experience as their clients. In the same way, brokers seek to make their trading platforms fully available on their clients’ smartphones.

The Exness Trade app embraces the capabilities of smartphones to give an as-close-to-desktop experience as possible.

With special attention to user experience and design, the leading broker’s app makes the transition from desktop to mobile seamless.

Portfolio monitoring, watchlists, and market updates, money and account management are fully synchronized between devices. This level of integration turns traders’ smartphones into inseparable tools for keeping an eye on open trades and hunting the next market opportunity.

Designed from the ground up by an internal team of tech professionals, the Exness Trade app addresses the needs of both beginner and seasoned traders.

Users can navigate the entire journey directly from their phones, including account creation, trade execution, market analysis, and fund withdrawal.

Where many brokers’ apps fall short is in the core functionality of their platform: trading. Not only does Exness enable traders to seize market opportunities intuitively on a small screen, but also allows them to personalize it to suit their preferences in asset classes, trading strategies, and app notifications.

Below is a breakdown of the features that make the Exness Trade app stand out and give traders a comprehensive trading experience on the go.

Opening an account: Traders can either log in or create an account, complete the flow for verification, set up preferences and leverage, and change personal settings and passwords.

Managing funds: Navigating through the app for the Deposit and Withdrawal functions is straightforward. From there, traders are able to select their preferred payment method and make transactions with just a few swipes and taps.

Trading instruments: The app offers the exact same capabilities and instruments as its desktop counterpart.

With over 200 assets from currencies, stocks, indices, and energies, traders can analyze charts using a variety of indicators and implement their strategies on the go.

The app also offers in-app calculators to find precise information about margins, swaps, and spreads.

Monitoring positions: Wherever they may be, Exness traders can open the app and take a look at their positions, assess them, and take any corrective actions needed.

The app also provides functionality on trading performance, with custom trading histories and a view of their most profitable positions.

The app also provides functionality on trading performance, with custom trading histories and a view of their most profitable positions.

Staying up-to-date: Exness traders have everything in one place. Without interchanging between apps, they can find important market news, read analyses on price trends and fundamentals, and stay ahead of economic events.

Getting support: When there is a need to seek assistance on anything from app functionality to account matters, the Exness multilingual support team is available in-app, any time and day of the week.

While the Exness Trade app is a compelling reason for traders to trade with the broker, it’s far from the only one. Exness is the largest broker in the world, boasting a monthly trading volume of over $4 trillion and active clients above 600,000.

These figures not only underscore the broker’s presence in the industry but also the trust it garners from the trading community.

Digging deeper into the aspect of trust, we can’t overlook the role of technology. By leveraging algorithms, Exness increases the reliability of its offering.

A stand-out feature is its low and stable spreads, even during times of high volatility. By analyzing vast amounts of data points, Exness provides the most favourable price for each trade, effectively reducing trading costs.

Exness’ technological edge also shines through its seamless deposits and withdrawals. Operating under the philosophy of “Your money is yours. Period.”, clients can rest assured that they have unrestricted access to their funds, with zero or minimal delays for the majority of requests.

To achieve this, the broker performs 24/7 monitoring to flag suspicious trading activity in advance of withdrawal requests, with the unflagged requests processed uninterruptedly.

In the region, Exness is licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in South Africa and the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya.

With local licenses and local offices in Cape Town and Nairobi, clients can rest assured of their fund security and the high standards Exness adheres to.

The broker also has a suite of licenses from regulatory authorities in different jurisdictions. The Exness Group, among others, has licenses from the reputable Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in Cyprus.

In today’s rapidly changing world of trading, having an effective tool to navigate the intricacies and unpredictability of the markets is key to staying ahead.

The Exness Trade app exemplifies this by embodying the broker’s product development approach: to create tools and features that reduce trading costs, enhance protection, and support every trader’s endeavours with confidence and assurance – to overall provide a frictionless trading experience.

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