Ex-President Sarkozy’s appeal trial in illegal campaign financing begins in Paris

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is due back in court to appeal a one-year sentence handed to him in 2021 for illegal campaign financing.

The case would be reopened in an appeal trial set to begin at 1:30 pm (1230 GMT) on Wednesday in a Paris courtroom.

Two years ago, the conservative politician was sentenced to one year of house arrest with an ankle bracelet monitor.

The court ruled that it had been proven that Mr Sarkozy, France’s president from 2007 to 2012, exceeded campaign spending limits in 2012 during his failed re-election bid.

To cover up the additional expenditure, his UMP party, which had since been renamed The Republicans, was said to have disguised expenses using fictitious invoices.

Although Mr Sarkozy, 68, is not said to have invented the system, the court found that he failed in his obligations to monitor the expenses.