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Ex-Muslim woman says Pakistani culture has held her back more than racism in UK, ‘I know the backlash I’ll get’

Much of that backlash will come from non-Muslims in the UK, who have been skillfully and relentlessly indoctrinated to hate their own nation and culture, and will bristle at any suggestion that British culture might have any features that are superior to Pakistani culture. All cultures are equal, including Sharia cultures that systematically oppress women.

“‘I know the backlash I will get’: Saira Khan claims Asian culture has held her back more than racism as she credits Britain for ‘encouraging her to make the most of herself,’” by Jason Chester, MailOnline, April 1, 2021:

Saira Khan claims her Pakistani culture has been more restrictive to her progression than any racism she has encountered as an Asian woman in the United Kingdom.

The Loose Women panellist was born and raised in Derbyshire to working class immigrant parents from Pakistan administered Kashmir.

But University of Brighton educated Saira, 50, insists she encountered no significant social boundaries while growing up on a council estate and credited British society for helping her make something of herself.

Sharing a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, the presenter, who was raised a Muslim, insisted her biggest obstacles have come from within the Asian community itself.

She wrote: ‘As an Asian woman born in this country to immigrant parents, I am proud to be British, grateful for this country helping my parents to help me to recognise and realise my potential.

‘If I’m honest, as an Asian woman it’s my Asian culture that has tried to hold me back more than any racism I have faced. That’s my truth.’

Saira also insisted racism is not the one-way street it has been portrayed through the spate of recent protests and marches conducted in major cities across the world….

‘Being a victim is easy. Getting off your a**e and making it happen with the right attitude is bloody hard. But that’s what it takes.’…

Saira previously announced she’s no longer a practising Muslim after years of feeling ‘guilty, caged and unhappy’….

She told The Mirror: ‘Saying I’m Muslim and then having a boyfriend, wearing clothes that go against the Muslim dress code, having a drink and living a non-Muslim life only brings guilt, self-loathing, loneliness and a feeling of being caged.’

Saira also clarified that while some Muslims ‘are the most humble people I know’ and most of her values are based on the ‘spiritual aspect of the faith’, she’s influenced by other teachings and has only been ‘hurting’ herself by ‘living a lie’ for her loved ones.

She added: ‘It has taken me till the age of 50 to find the courage to say it. I’m doing it now for my own wellbeing. I want to be honest and feel free to live my life by my own rules. I have found a huge relief in being honest.

‘I know that one of the reasons I have been so angry and unhappy in my life is because of the many contradictions I’ve had to live with. I’ve not dared to share these feelings before because the very few Muslim women who have are called sinful and some have even been targeted with death threats.’…

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