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Etinosa Idemudia Confirms Her 6 Months Marriage Has Ended

Actress Etinosa Idemudia has indirectly confirmed that her 6 months old secret marriage has ended thanking SDK for getting this huge burden off her chest.

Blogger SDK reported that Etinosa Idemida and her husband who happens to be the father of her daughter have parted ways and reacting to that Etinosa indirectly confirmed that her marriage of 6 months has truly crashed as reported.

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According to Etinosa, everyone is going through something including SDK hence thanking her for getting this huge burden off her chest indirectly confirming her marriage has ended but she didn’t know how to handle it and thanks to SDK it’s off her chest.

Etinosa then attacked SDK saying she announced her pregnancy to the public when she was barely trying to survive the first trimester of her pregnancy because of its complications but she kept quiet and that is not going to happen again.

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Etinosa then warned her to avoid her in the future and not write anything about her personal life again saying she doesn’t blame her (SDK) but rather blames the close friends of hers who went ahead to snitch on her to SDK.

Etinosa Idemida’s post indirectly confirms that her marriage has indeed ended over a misunderstanding with her husband which couldn’t be resolved but then has thanked SDK for helping her get it off her chest.

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