Eric Schmidt bets on Future House to build an AI lab assistant

In recent reports, netizens learned that Eric Schmidt is taking a bet on AI with Future House with an impressive project on hand. The Google Billionaire is investing in a non-profit start-up that has a unique vision. Over the next ten years, Eric’s investment alongside that of others will help the start-up to build a semi-autonomous AI scientist.

Now, that’s a big bet if you ask anyone who works in the science field or knows a thing or two about AI technology. The magnitude of this work might be why the start-up company will need over 10 years to perfect its idea. Once the 10-year time frame is over, this AI scientist might become available for usage in various science industries around the world.

With this type of technology on hand, the job of scientists around the world will become a bit easier. The rate at which these scientists work will see some significant improvements once this technology is put in place. However, some might fear the possible dangers that this level of AI technology will pose to its users and the public.

Eric Schmidt’s investment in Future House will bring AI technology into the field of science

The worlds of science and technology work hand in hand, with each complementing the other. Scientific and technological advancements in the world are driving development in certain areas of the world. But there’s a lot of work that goes into the achievement of these advancements, and mostly it’s as a result of human efforts.

This work is at times stressful on humans, as there is a lot of trial and error to get things right. With humans performing these trials and errors known as hypotheses, the workload is often enormous. Future House aims to train an AI model to perform these hypotheses, hence leaving humans to perform more daunting tasks during experiments.

Future House argues that humans are holding back the rate of development of scientific innovations. Having AI technology taking over some aspects of the scientific process that is a bit tiring will help boost innovations. With tens of thousands of individual hypotheses for each research, humans are falling behind schedule.

But with the help of Future House’s AI lab assistant, the company hopes to quicken things. Eric Schmidt and other investors are betting on this non-profit start-up company and its dreams. While the goals and aspirations of Future House are impressive, they might raise some concerns among netizens and those working in the science industry.