Empowering Nigerian Youth: NYFF Announces 2024 Grant Cycle for Youth-Led Movements

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Empowering Nigerian Youth: NYFF Announces 2024 Grant Cycle for Youth-Led Movements

In a bold move to strengthen youth-led initiatives in Nigeria, the Nigerian Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) proudly introduces its 2024 Grant Cycle. Supported by the MacArthur Foundation and Ford Foundation, this initiative aims to provide crucial technical and financial support to emerging youth movements, fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth.


NYFF’s Mission: The NYFF is committed to enhancing the capacities of youth in leadership, activism, and social change through impactful policy engagements. With inclusive resourcing strategies, the fund seeks to empower young leaders, enabling them to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s medium and long-term development.


Unveiling the 2024 Grant Cycle: Catalyzing Youth Agency for #TheNigeriaWeWant Under the theme “Catalyzing Youth Agency for #TheNigeriaWeWant,” the NYFF is launching its 2024 Grant Cycle. This cycle aims to support initiatives aligning with the vision of a better Nigeria as envisioned by its dynamic youth. By providing essential resources and mentorship, the fund strives to ensure the success and sustainability of these youth-led projects.


In-Person and Virtual Participation: The unveiling event allows in-person participation by invitation and welcomes virtual attendance for all interested individuals. Virtual attendees can register here to be part of this exciting initiative.


How to Apply for the NYFF 2024 Grant: Applications for the 2024 Grant Cycle are now open. Youth-led movements focused on driving positive change in Nigeria are encouraged to apply for financial and technical support. The application process is accessible here, providing a platform for aspiring change-makers to submit proposals and be considered for the NYFF grant.

As the NYFF continues to champion youth empowerment and national development, the 2024 Grant Cycle marks a significant step toward realizing the collective vision of #TheNigeriaWeWant. Stay tuned for updates on impactful projects shaping Nigeria’s future through the unwavering commitment of its dynamic youth.