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Email exchange: Trying to teach a college student

Universities in the U.S. and all over the West today are no longer institutions of higher learning, but radioactive wastelands of far-Left indoctrination. Students aren’t taught how to evaluate ideas rationally and discover the truth on the basis of the evidence rather than political advantage, personal preference, or ideological prejudice. Instead, they’re programmed and propagandized to be good little cogs in the socialist internationalist machine, obeying unquestioningly the agenda of the international Left. And so when I received an email from a college student in Germany, asking me for an interview, I tried to break through the indoctrination and introduce her to some reality. But she, like humankind in general, could not bear very much reality. Here’s the exchange:

1. The student to Spencer:

Dear Mr. Spencer,

my name is [Redacted] and I’m a student of the University of Passau in Germany. Together with a bunch of my fellow students we are doing a project on the “Great Replacement” zooming in on Islamophobia for one of our cultural studies classes.

Since you are probably the most prominent public person in the field of Islamophobia, we would love to hear your take on certain aspects of the subject which is why I was hoping you would be willing to answer a few short interview questions for me.

If it will be possible for you to spare a few minutes, I would dearly appreciate it if we could either set up a short video conference or if I could send you my questions and you reply to them either in writing or a brief voice recording – whatever suits you best.

Thank you so much for your efforts and time!

Kind regards from Germany


2. Spencer to the student:

Sorry, but “Islamophobia” is a propaganda term devised in order to intimidate and fool people into thinking it is somehow wrong to oppose jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women. Your whole endeavor is evidence of how thoroughly this propaganda neologism fools people into thinking they’re doing the right thing when they work to smear and silence those who defend free societies. I won’t play along.

3. The student to Spencer:

Thank you, Mr. Spencer, for your utterly polite and highly informative response – it already says a lot and we’ll be able to use that for our project for sure.

What really intrigues me, though, is how a bunch of university students are supposed to have such a grand impact on “silencing and smearing” you and your work that you won’t even answer a few simple questions. If you were convinced of the power of your arguments you could easily use this opportunity to further spread your beliefs. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, have a nice day and thank you for at least being kind enough to reply to my email in the first place. I respect your declining.

4. Spencer to the student:

Are you willfully misunderstanding? Or do you think you’re the only people who use the term “Islamophobia”?

And finally, to be clear, if you’re willing to understand – I don’t accept the premises of your inquiry so how could I participate in it?

5. The student to Spencer:

I don’t see why you would first have to accept my premises in order to be willing to answer my questions?

The way I see it is that if I believe in something and my vis-à-vis is of a different opinion, I will still talk to them and try and reason with them because I would want them to understand where I’m coming from and, best case scenario, convince them of my arguments.

We would have presented an opportunity for you to further voice your beliefs and possibly rectify our “false” interpretation of the term Islamophobia?

How do you want to truly “defend free societies” if you’re only presenting yourself to the people that already agree with you?

But I understand, confrontation is never pleasant.

6. Spencer to the student:

1. Because you’re interviewing “Islamophobes,” and I reject both the designation and the concept. And if I’m not an “Islamophobe,” then per the parameters of your inquiry, we have nothing to discuss.

2. I’d be happy to have a rational discussion with you, were that possible. However, the premise of your inquiry would put me immediately on the defensive, having to prove I am not what you label me to be. To understand this, imagine if I told you that I was interviewing “Evil People,” and since you’re evil, I wanted to interview you (this is just a hypothetical; I do not believe you’re evil). You would rightly doubt that we could have a rational discussion on those terms.

3. You don’t have a false “interpretation” of the term “Islamophobia.” Your very acceptance of the term as legitimate is something I can’t work from, as I don’t accept that the term has any validity whatsoever.

4. Apparently you know nothing of my work. That’s fine. You are under no obligation to do so. But since you claim I am only “presenting” myself to people who agree with me, I’ll inform you that you can find my debates with numerous imams and Islamic scholars on YouTube. Many others are, unfortunately, not available online. I’ve participated in innumerable hostile interviews, been the target of an assassination attempt, and was poisoned by one of your fellow Leftists when speaking in Iceland. I have nothing to prove to you or to anyone else.

5. Confrontation is indeed never pleasant. But I do hope you will eventually confront your own biases, prejudices, and unexamined assumptions. Here’s one to start with: the University of Passau is happy to have you studying the supposed phenomenon of “Islamophobia.” However, the University of Passau would be horrified and never allow you to study how Islamic jihadis use the core texts and teachings of Islam to justify jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others. In fact, the University of Passau would label that inquiry “Islamophobic.” But where is your concern for the many victims of jihad violence and Sharia oppression, such as, among innumerable others, Yazidi women who were forced into sex slavery by ISIS, as per the Qur’an, 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30? Or is concern for them “Islamophobic” as well?

7. The student to Spencer:

1) I see your point. But what I am asking myself at this point, is the following: If I was to oversimplify the definition of the term Islamophobia, I would call it an extreme fear of Islam. Again, oversimplified, isn’t that what you are promoting? That one should be afraid of the jihad, the Sharia law and oppression which, according to you, is a threat opposed by Islam?

2. I have to disagree. If you call me having a different opinion when interviewing you putting you on the defensive, sure, but why would that be a problem as long as I don’t treat you disrespectfully and insultingly?

Also, of course my definition of “rational” will always be different from yours – coming from such different points of views – but I would not mind you interviewing me even if you, hypothetically speaking and coning back to your example, perceived me as “evil” because I am convinced of my opinions. And again, as long the interviewer treats me respectfully, I would not care what you label me as because I’m speaking for what I believe in.

3. Right. Why not say so in an actual interview? That’s all I wanted: Your perception of these kind of topics.

4. No, I don’t know each and every detail of your work but I know enough to think I could put up with you in an interview which is why I asked for one in the first place.

Frankly, I only claimed that you only present yourself to people who agree with you to trigger that exact response I got from you now. I do know you put up with opponents and you don’t avoid the public which is why I am surprised you wouldn’t talk to me (which you now still do? Again, thanks for all the material you are providing us with).

And sure, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but why are you trying to then right now?

5. My concern is for any type of violence against the innocent. I know that violence, hate, oppression – anything evil- is not connected to what your societal, religious, racial or any other affiliation is.

8. Spencer to the student:

1. No, that’s not the definition of the word. That is etymologically the meaning of the word, but the word is generally used to mean irrational hatred toward Muslims, violence against innocent Muslims, and the like, which are never justified, as well as investigation into the motivating ideology behind jihad terror and Sharia oppression, which is urgently needed. The viciousness of the term arises from the conflation of the irrational hatred with the honest investigation, so as to smear the latter by association with the former. My work has nothing to do with fear or hatred, unless you think foes of the Nazis during World War II were animated by fear and hatred of Germans.

2. It’s not a difference of opinion. For me to participate (beyond this exchange) would be to validate your premise, that I belong among the people you consider “Islamophobes.” I do not. Hence I cannot participate.

3. I’ve explained this.

4. “I know enough to think I could put up with you in an interview” — that’s an amusing phrase. Are you aware of what it means in idiomatic English to “put up with” someone? In any case, I’m happy to try to explain these things here, but I cannot and will not validate your false premise. I am not trying to prove anything to you. I’m trying to teach you. I’m trying to open your eyes. This is not about me. This is about the propaganda you’ve swallowed uncritically.

5. Great. What kind of studies have you done or activities have you participated in to show solidarity with and to offer help to the victims of jihad violence and Sharia oppression? I suspect none. And why not. Don’t want to appear “Islamophobic”?

Also, some questions of my own.

1. Have you ever studied the Qur’an? Have you read it in its entirety?

2. Have you studied the Sirat Rasul Allah? Have you read in its entirety the recension of Ibn Hisham?

3. Have you studied the Hadith? Sunnah and fiqh?

4. Have you studied the teachings of the various Sunni and Shi’a madhahib regarding jihad?

5. Have you studied the history of Islam?

6. If your answer is no to any or all of the above, on what basis do you assume that jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, gays and others aren’t really justified in Islamic texts and teachings, as you seem to assume in your point 1 below? Or is it that you don’t think those are serious problems? Are you aware of the scope and magnitude of jihad violence? Are you familiar with the teachings of Sharia (yes, in all its various forms and manifestations) regarding women, particularly non-Muslim women?

9. The student to Spencer:

Sorry but I am not comfortable sharing any information regarding your questions with you since, in my eyes, this conversation is still very much about you. In case you forgot: I contacted YOU to ask about your beliefs for our project’s sake not to learn anything from you since I don’t regard you as a valid source. This is merely about collecting statements from you which I now have plenty of.

This is why I will end this conversation here and once again thank you for your time and efforts.


10. Spencer to the student:

As expected. Leftists love being the Grand Inquisitor; they hate it when the light is turned on them, and scurry like roaches.

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