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EKSU Student Caught With Fetish Items After Trying To Use His Friend For Money Ritual (VIDEO)

A student of Ekiti State University knowns as Saheed Adeniran was caught attempting to use his friend and roommate for money rituals.

Saheed Adeniran was caught by fellow colleagues in possession of his roommate’s clothes, calabash and also the wrapper of his roommate’s mother.

In a video trending online, one of the students part of those who nabbed him in the act was crying out for help from concerned Nigerians to help reverse the process in order for the life of victim or roommate who has been used for the ritual to be saved.

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Watch the video below;

The video has sparked an uproar on social media and this is what some Nigerians are saying about it.

@mz_sammyy: You wanna do money rituals and it still failed, you’re destined for poverty my brother

@nnenna_blinks_: Rituals wey u no fit rich pass the richest man for your community which kind rituals be that.

@williamsblack_nospace: U guys are busy focusing on his grammatical errors, ignoring d main message here, that’s why ur political leaders will never take u guys serious cos everything is a joke..

@official_bobby_fredrick: Reason why I can never be friends with anyone who is not contentment with what they have

@official_marveyspeaks: Any hustle na hustle, Anyway na Way, that’s what we would continue saying while this nation continues to sink in evil and wickedness!!! Say no to yahoo plus and money ritual!!! If you want you use anyone, use your manhood or your head!!!


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