EasyJet flight couple bathroom incident video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit after they are caught

Know what happened to the couple, who engaged in activities inside the toilet of the flight with the EasyJet flight bathroom incident video viral

On an easyJet trip from the UK’s Luton to Ibiza, a couple was taken off the plane after they were allegedly seen having s*x in the lavatory. According to a report in the Independent, a flight attendant caught them in the act while they were in the toilet. The incident happened on September 8; a 37-second video of it went viral on Twitter and has already received over five million views.

EasyJet flight couple bathroom incident full video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit after they are caught

How flight passengers reacted to the unexpected scenario?

During their journey on a flight from the United Kingdom’s Luton to Ibiza with easyJet, two passengers were allegedly captured on camera having s*x in the lavatory. Notably, the video was captured on 8th September and highlights a flight attendant unlocking the door to the lavatory where the couple had been discovered indiscreetly using the facilities. In the video, a staff worker is seen anxiously waiting outside the lavatory doors while customers wait impatiently for him to open them. When he opened it, the pair was visible in an inappropriate position.

In response to the surprising situation, cabin crew alongside few passengers were astonished and embarrassed. Meanwhile, some other passengers screamed in shock and clapped loudly as the man who committed the act immediately slammed the door shut. Following this incident, The Independent claimed that when the jet landed in Ibiza, authorities removed the pair from the plane. The incident occurred on one of EasyJet’s flights, the airline stated, adding that the police were also notified.

What happened to the couple?

As of right now, there have been no reports of any arrests, and the police are still looking into the situation. Although there is no specific regulation in the UK that addresses s*x on airplanes, section 71 of the S*xual Offences Act 2004 makes it unlawful to willfully engage in s*xual activity in a public restroom. Internet users who made jokes about the issue were amused by the clip in the meanwhile.

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