Drama As Delta Commissioner Locks Out College Chairman Over Appointment Of Registrar

Professor Nyerovwo Tonukari, the Commissioner for Higher Education, locked out Lovette Idisi, Chairman of the College Council, on Friday, due to a dispute over the appointment of a registrar for the College of Physical Education, Mosogar (COPEM) in Delta State.

The situation has sparked tensions at the college, resulting in mutual accusations between the parties involved.Idisi has accused Tonukari of preventing him from accessing his office because of the appointment of a registrar for the college.

He alleged that the commissioner was attempting to disrupt the interview process, despite the presence of a quorum consisting seven out of nine statutory members who conducted the interviews.

Idisi also criticized the commissioner for composing a letter riddled with errors, falsehoods and baseless claims.DAILY POST reports that trouble began on Friday, November 3rd, 2023, when Idisi arrived at his office to find the door locked.

Expressing his bewilderment, Idisi stated, “I am the Chairman of the Council. The Governing Council followed due process and achieved a quorum with seven out of nine members in attendance.

“This entire issue originated from an erroneous letter authored by Prof. Nyerovwo Tonukari, claiming that we did not have a quorum to conduct the interviews.

We followed the correct procedures, and seven out of nine members constitute a quorum,” he said.“The Honourable Commissioner has acted erroneously by stating that only five members attended the interviews, despite being requested to retract the incorrect letter, he refused.

“Let it be on record that on the day of the interviews, Prof. Nyerovwo Tonukari came here and called me out of the interview room. He contacted the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) of Delta State, claiming that he had a preferred candidate.

I informed him that due process must be adhered to in selecting a registrar for the college, and out of frustration, he left.“This matter is already sub judice, and only a court of competent jurisdiction can alter what we have done.

I have been served, and the commissioner’s office has been served. It is imperative that everyone is aware that this matter is already sub judice, and anyone who takes any action regarding the registrar’s position will be in contempt of court,” he added.

As of the time of this report, efforts to obtain a reaction from Professor Tonukari regarding the matter were unsuccessful.