Discord's new shop feature gets global rollout for all users

Earlier this year Discord revealed a new feature in the app called the Shop which was available to Nitro users as part of early access, and it’s now getting a global rollout for all users.

This means you will no longer need to have a Nitro subscription to reap the benefits that the Shop offers. Which includes a host of different profile customization options. Such as animated profile avatar frames across a range of different categories like “anime” and “fantasy.” Nitro users do still get a discount on items though. There are also some more seasonal-related categories like “Fall,” but you’ll still get to keep these after the season is over since these are one-time purchases. However, you do only have a certain amount of time to buy these customization items. The Fall category for instance ended on November 28.

Expect these kinds of seasonal options to come around for Winter, Summer, and Spring too with limited amounts of time to pick them up. Discord also says that it will begin rolling out the Shop to users over the coming weeks, although the rollout starts today.

The Discord Shop rollout does not support mobile yet

Discord Paid Avatar Frames (1)Discord Paid Avatar Frames (1)

Things get a bit sticky here but we’ll break it down. The Shop rollout is happening for all global users, and you’ll be able to buy items from the Shop on the desktop and web apps. However, the mobile app is not yet supported.

There’s good news though! Discord confirms that Shop buying from the mobile app is in the works. So you will eventually be able to grab something you might like from your phone or tablet. While in many cases this wouldn’t matter, remember that some items will be time sensitive. And you may not be able to access your desktop or web apps until after an item has disappeared. So this is where mobile app buying options will come in handy. For now though, it’s limited to the desktop and web apps.

That being said, animated avatar frames and profile backgrounds will be visible in the mobile app after they’ve been purchased. So while you won’t be able to buy these items on mobile just yet, you will still be able to see them.

Finding the Shop

Discord Shop Global RolloutDiscord Shop Global Rollout

This is really easy as Discord makes it very visible. It’s front and center as one of the top tabs in the “Direct Messages” section. If you’re new to Discord, the Direct Messages section is the very top icon in your row of servers. This is where you’ll see personal messages from friends and other users. In this section, you’ll see friends, Nitro, and Shop listed at the very top. Simply click the Shop tab and all of the wonders inside will be revealed to you. Just be forewarned, there’s a lot of neat customization items in there and you may want more than a few of them. You can read more about the global Shop rollout in Discord’s official blog post.