DIRECTV Stream Boosts Prices, Monthly Plan Now Begins at $80!

Just as the sun comes up, so does the prices of streaming services. This time around, it’s DIRECTV Stream’s turn to raise their prices. Prices are going up on all of their plans, by at least $5 per month. It’s cheapest plan now starts at $79.99 per month, which makes it the most expensive starting plan among the streaming Live TV services.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down: Entertainment plan is now $79.99 (was $74.99), Choice plan is now $108.99 (was $99.99), the Ultimate plan is now $119.99 (was $109.99), and finally the Premier plan is $164.99 (was $154.99).

This is actually the second price increase this year for DIRECTV Stream, after having gone up in January of this year by $10 across the board. When DIRECTV first launched its streaming Live TV service back in 2016, it cost only $35 per month. Since then, AT&T has changed its name a few times, going from DIRECTV Now to AT&T Now to AT&T TV and back to DIRECTV Stream. And in that time, prices have more than doubled. Of course, DIRECTV Stream is not alone there.

Why are DIRECTV Stream prices going up?

DIRECTV Stream explained to The Streamable in October, prices are going up for all of its plans due to the “higher cost networks are charging”. And also mentioned that “like other distributors, we’re adjusting our pricing because of the higher cost networks charge to distribute national and local programming. We remain focused on delivering the best value.”

Prices have been going up across the board for streaming TV services. When it comes to live TV services, YouTube TV now costs $72.99 per month, Sling TV is now $40 per month for Sling Orange or Sling Blue and Fubo now starts at $74.99. So DIRECTV Stream is not alone here, but it does cost the most, to start. However, DIRECTV Stream is offering $25 off the “Entertainment”, “Choice” and “Ultimate” plans with the Sports pack for the first month (two months for the Entertainment plan). Which is great, but will that tempt people to switch is the real question.

Surprisingly, this is still cheaper than cable. I have compared this price increase to a comparable cable package from Comcast in my area. It would cost me $90, and that’s before taxes and fees. And that’s also for just one TV. Since you need a cable box for each TV, but with DIRECTV Stream, you can stream on virtually anything. So that “it’s more expensive than cable” argument is mute right now. Seeing as you can get more from DIRECTV Stream for $80 per month, for now at least.