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Did Omah Lay Really Went Sleepless For 17 Days? – Know What Happened

Nigerian young Super Star Singer Omah Lay has disclosed an almost hard to believe statement which is craving lots of reactions on social media.

Taking to his twitter account of 616.5K followers and revealed that, he is finally going to enjoy his bed all day after 17 days.

The 23 year-old Afrobeat singer tweet read I hope I can finally be on my bed all day for the first time in 17 days.”

If we are to dissect Omah Lay’s statement and claim of going sleepless for 17 days straight. It is scientifically impossible because not sleeping for 17 days has some serious health consequencies which have not seen yet in Omah Lay.

Currently he is strong and kicking and active and happy.

So, his followers took to tweeter and reacted to Omah Lays tweet. Below are some of the screenshots of the reactions of Omah Lays fans.  



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