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Denmark: Former immigration minister faces impeachment for trying to protect underage girls from child marriage

The Danish political establishment, by stymieing and stigmatizing efforts to stem the tide of mass migration, will get what it wants: a massive population of unassimilated and unassimilable migrants, among whom will be many who believe that Sharia, which sanctions child marriage after Muhammad’s example, should replace Danish law. What will Denmark look like in ten years? Twenty?

“Denmark’s Hardline Former Immigration Minister Facing Impeachment Trial Over Child Brides,” by Igor Kuznetsov, Sputnik News, January 15, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

Inger Støjberg, former Danish immigration minister and deputy leader of the liberal-conservative Venstre party, is facing impeachment from the legislature after a cross-party majority (including her fellow Venstre members) backed the move, Danish Radio reported.

The impeachment trial is a special court that tries ministers and officials charged with illegally executing their duties.

The reason for the impeachment is her 2016 decision to forcibly separate all married asylum seekers, without individual case assessment, if one of spouses was under the age of 18. The order was found to be illegal, which she had been reportedly made aware of. A special commission assigned to look into the situation was highly critical of Støjberg’s actions, concluding that she not only overstepped her duties, but misled the parliament as well.

In her defence, Støjberg said that she wanted to step up the protection of underage girls, so-called child brides at Danish refugee accommodation.

All of the parties on the left wing, along with the right-wing Conservatives and Liberal Alliance, also back the impeachment trial. Surprisingly, even her own Venstre party voted in favour, leaving only the populist Danish People’s Party and the New Right in opposition….

Apart from her hardline immigration politics, Støjberg is known for her publicity stunts, which her opponents condemn as populist. Among others, she published anti-refugee advertisements in Lebanese newspapers, posted a picture of a celebration with cake after passing a 50th law restricting immigration, and authorised a law enabling Danish authorities to confiscate valuable items from asylum seekers.

The most recent instance of Støjberg drawing flak from her peers was when she used the phrase “drain the swamp” associated with US President Donald Trump, who is a highly unpopular figure in Danish politics….

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