Dbrand has MagSafe Pixel 8 series cases to offer too

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Dbrand has just announced its cases for the Google Pixel 8 series too. Much like the offerings from Mous and Moment, these cases are also compatible with MagSafe accessories.

Dbrand now offers MagSafe cases for both the Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro

The company seems to have a Grip case on offer for both phones, and also a Ghost case for the Pixel 8 Pro. For whatever reason, the Ghost case doesn’t seem to be available for the regular Pixel 8.

Dbrand’s Grip case is on offer for a number of devices, and a new iteration for the Pixel 8 series is now here too. It’s the same as the previous ones, but adapted to the two devices. It comes in black color, but you can choose to customize it via a skin, if you want.

Dbrand claims its Grip case is “the world’s grippiest case”

Dbrand likes to say that its Grip case is “the world’s grippiest case”. It does offer a lot of grip, and a lot of protection too. It’s not the thinnest or lightest case, though, of course.

It offers military-grade impact resistance, and it’s textured all around. It has a ton of ridges on it, for grip purposes. In other words, a ton of small dots that protrude from the case itself.

There are also grip strips included on the sides of this case. Yes, the camera protection is also included here. Dbrand also makes it easier to use swipe gestures compared to many other cases in the market.

If you opt for this case, it’ll set you back $54.90. It’s available to pre-order now, and it will ship your way in early November.

The Ghost case is only available for the Pixel 8 Pro

The Ghost case, as already mentioned, is available for the Pixel 8 Pro only, for some reason. This case is thinner than the Grip case, and it’s also lighter. It has a ribbed texture on it, though, and Dbrand says that it “never yellows”, unlike many other see-through cases.

This one is also available to pre-order, and it costs $49.95. Do note that this case will ship a bit earlier, at some point this month.

Google Pixel 8 Grip case (dbrand)

Google Pixel 8 Pro Grip case (dbrand)

Google Pixel 8 Pro Ghost case (dbrand)