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Davido’s Lawyer, Bobo Ajudua Talks About Chioma Blocking Him On Instagram

Davido’s lawyer, Bobo Ajudua, has finally opened up on why Chioma blocked him on Instagram.

Bobo Ajudua

During a question and answer section with his fans, a curious fan asked him to address the real reason Chioma blocked him on Instagram. Responding to this question, he stated that it is not the first time Chioma blocked him on Instagram.

Bobo and Chioma

According to him, they mostly have siblings fight but he has no idea what caused her to block him this time around. He added that whenever he complains to Davido about their argument, he tells him not to involve him in their issues.

He said;

“You see why I say I’m afraid of people. Uhm, she’s blocked me before like 2 to 3 times. We argue a lot but I come with a brother/sister relationship. She’s legit like a sister to me (when we are not fighting). This particular one, I’m not sure. Let’s hope I find out soon…”.

See the post below;


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