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Davido’s Lawyer, Bobo Ajudua Lists His Favorite Davido Songs

The personal lawyer for Nigerian musician, Davido, Bobo Ajudua has named his favorite Davido tracks.

He gave this tracklist during a recent question and answer session he had with his followers on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

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One of his followers who really wanted to know is he has some favorite tracks among Davido’s numerous tracks asked;

“Best Davido track?”

And he answered;

“Right now, I honestly don’t know! Couple faves are: Sweet in the middle, Like That, Sunlight, The Sound, Twisted, Gallardo, Tchelete, Lala, Risky, Jowo, BMM. Honestly my faves are so different from his. I have to literally BEG @davido and @asaasika to add my faves to his performance set whenever I’m there. But I understand… the classic HIT CHOKE!

In the same session, he revealed how he met Davido.

According to the renowned lawyer, he met Davido while in school adding that the musician was actually his school son.

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He made this known in a recent question and answer session with his fans and followers on Instagram.

One of his followers asked;

“Did you meet davido at bis?”

And he replied saying;

“Yes, I did. He and Tobenna were my 2 school sons in BIS. They were 2/3 years my juniors in class. So yeah, it’s safe to say I was destined to be ‘looking out’ for him in this life… in one way or another”



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