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Cruz: Biden’s weakness ’emboldened’ Hamas, ‘appeasing terrorists doesn’t produce peace’

Common sense.

“US Sen Cruz: Biden Showed ‘Weakness,’ Emboldened Hamas,” Associated Press, May 31, 2021:

Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday accused President Joe Biden of being soft on Israel’s foes and inviting further violence during a deadly 11-day war that left Israelis rattled and turned parts of the Gaza Strip to rubble.

One of four prominent Republicans in Israel in the conflict’s aftermath, Cruz told The Associated Press in an interview that the Democratic president’s policies, including a call for Israel to wind down the war, had “emboldened” Hamas’ militant rulers. He said the U.S. owes Palestinians no humanitarian aid as long as there’s a danger of that money flowing to Hamas.

“The longer Joe Biden shows weakness to Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran, the more you’re going to see terrorist attacks escalating,” Cruz said after a day of touring Israel’s Iron Dome rocket-defense system and and viewing damage in Ashkelon….

Cruz and Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., toured the rubble in Ashkelon where a Hamas-fired rocket hit an apartment and killed the caregiver of an older woman. Cruz tweeted photos.

Hagerty, who was Trump’s ambassador to Japan, also criticized the various steps taken by Biden to reverse Trump’s policies. Biden, for instance, has pledged some $360 million in aid to the Palestinians, including money to help repair war damage in Gaza. Trump cut off nearly all U.S. aid to the Palestinians.

“Any monies that go to the Gaza Strip that are quote, intended for infrastructure, can be easily diverted by Hamas,” Hagerty, seated next to Cruz, said.

Where Hagerty was diplomatic, Cruz was blunt. “Appeasing terrorists doesn’t produce peace,” he said of Biden….

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