COP28: How Can A Country That Is Borrowing Get Involved In Such Jamboree? – Abure Knocks Tinubu’s Govt

Julius Abure LP

The National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure has said that the huge delegation Nigeria took to the Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates has shown that President Bola Tinubu is not ready to steer the country from the circumstances that have plunged the nation into economic crisis.

Abure shared his reservation while receiving an award of excellence from the Benin chapter of the Nigerian Bar Association on Saturday.

According to the LP chieftain, it is insensitive for the government to embark on such an endeavour considering the economic situation in the country.

He lamented that people are struggling with poverty and the current minimum wage is still being debated, yet Tinubu’s government has decided to embark on such a jamboree

According to him, “It is obvious that the government of President Tinubu and the APC are not willing to depart from the circumstances that have plunged the nation into economic quagmire in the past.

“How can a country that is borrowing money to pay workers’ wages, a country plagued by insecurity, battered by power collapse where investors are exiting the country by the day fritter away such a humongous amount of resources on a jamboree?

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“A sober government should have known that borrowing money to attend conferences while rich nations attended the same event with less than 20 persons bothered on insensitivity and brazen impunity. Nigerians have made their point and they are aware that the nation’s salvation lies with the Labour Party as we approach subsequent elections.”

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