Church urges national ‘revival’ to end Nigeria’s insecurity, economic hardship

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The presiding bishop of Dominion Chapel International Church, Abuja, John Praise, has called for national revival to tackle Nigeria’s insecurity.

Mr Praise, the national deputy president of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), made the call in Abuja at the unveiling of a book, ‘Timeless Flame’, at a forum on Nigeria-Benue Revival. Gift Lemuels of Cloud Global Revival Ministry wrote the book. She is the chairwoman of the Northern Coalition of Bishops and Apostles.

“We need to preach the gospel. The author is endowed enough to take the message of revival to Benue, not just to Benue but to the Middle Belt region of the country and the entire nations of the world,” said Mr Praise. “We need a revival that will touch far and wide, a revival that will affect nations. One person cannot do it alone. We need partnership.”

While describing Benue as strategic in the affairs of Nigeria, Mr Praise urged the federal government to give more attention to tackling the security challenges in the state.

“I appeal to the federal government to give the needed attention to the Middle Belt. The people will have enough food to eat and enough food to sell to be able to take care of their basic needs if the security challenge is tackled.

“Things are hard now because bandits have stopped people from going to the farm. Insecurity in Benue has to be addressed. Banditry, farmers-herdsmen conflict – all these have to come to an end so that we will have food,” he said.

Thomas Achwande of Truth Aflame Gospel Ministry International Logo, Benue, said the book was timely.

Mr Achwande said, “Anyone who reads it will catch the `revival fire’ we have long been talking about in Benue. We will continue to preach to the people because that’s the only weapon that can nip the menace in the bud. If the government wants to do anything to end it, it should partner with faith-based organisations, especially the ministers of the gospel.

“So if the government wants to do something on this decisively, the government should be ready to cooperate with pastors and reverends. We believe that doing so will go a long way toward curbing insecurity in the area.”