Chelsea star Thiago Silva reveals future coaching plans and opens up on bond with Mauricio Pochettino

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Chelsea’s Thiago Silva: Coach in Making

At 39 years old and nearing the end of his contract with Chelsea, Brazilian footballing legend Thiago Silva is contemplating life beyond the pitch. As he approaches the twilight of his illustrious career, he has confirmed his intentions to transition into coaching, shedding light on his strong connection with Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The impact of Thiago Silva at Chelsea goes beyond his role as a player. His partnership with Pochettino has been vital this term, especially with the team struggling to find results on the pitch and facing defensive injury setbacks right from the start of the season. Despite his age, Silva has been a regular starter, and he has taken on the responsibility of guiding the team through these challenging situations.

While Silva is committed to playing for at least one more season, he is already setting his sights on a future in coaching. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he revealed his managerial aspirations, stating:

“On the pitch, I’m already a bit of a manager, right?

As I watch the game from the back, I see a lot of situations. And then I warn [the others] about certain situations. I talk to the staff, to Pochettino, so that we don’t make mistakes.”

Silva’s unique perspective as a defender, combined with his wealth of experience, allows him to contribute valuable insights during matches. His keen understanding of the game and ability to pinpoint critical moments make him an unofficial coach on the field. He values the collective relationship between players and coaching staff, recognizing its importance in achieving success.

Offering a sneak peek into his daily routine, highlighting the dedication required to maintain peak physical condition, Silva emphasized the importance of recovery and maintaining his fitness, aspects in which Pochettino has played a significant role. The Brazilian centreback’s ability to bring a different outlook to the game has been valued by Pochettino, allowing the Chelsea manager to develop a more well-rounded tactical approach.

“Pochettino has helped me a lot with my fitness. Not that I was complacent but I was in my comfort zone. It looks like everything is fine, and it feels fine, but he managed to get me out of that area,” he added.

Silva remains the mainstay of Chelsea’s defence at present as he, alongside goalkeeper Robert Sanchez, is the only Blues player to have featured in every minute of Premier League football this season.

As Thiago Silva is set to turn 40 next year, speculations have arisen about his next move. His current deal at Stamford Bridge is due to expire at the end of the 2023-24 season, and his comments on becoming a coach have sparked further curiosity about his future role in football.

It appears that Silva’s coaching aspirations are not just a distant dream; they may become a reality sooner than anticipated.

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