Cheaper Samsung foldables are on the horizon

Cheaper Samsung foldables are coming. Based on the latest report, we may see them as early as next year. This information comes from TrendForce, by the way, a well-known market research company.

Cheaper Samsung foldables are coming, you can expect them as early as next year

TrendForce bases this info on “supply chain sources”, as Samsung is looking to make foldable smartphones more accessible “to a broader range of consumers”.

This was to be expected, though we did not know when will it start. The pioneer of foldable smartphones is looking to push things forward, and the timing seems to be right.

We’re seeing more and more foldable smartphones on the market. Some Chinese smartphone manufacturers are doing an outstanding job, and more and more of their devices are hitting global markets.

Samsung is facing tough competition in the foldable smartphone market

Samsung has been called out several times for being stale in the foldable department, as it has been rehashing similar Galaxy Fold series devices for years. Some other companies, such as OPPO and HONOR, went above and beyond when it comes to hardware.

The South Korean tech giant needs to push things forward when it comes to its flagship foldable offerings, but also find a way to release cheaper foldables, for the masses.

If we had to guess, we’d say that these cheaper foldable devices will be released under the ‘FE’ brand. Nothing guarantees it, but that’s what would make sense, as Samsung is kind of using it for more budget iterations of its flagships, such as the Galaxy S23 FE.

The company will likely release both a ‘Flip’ and a ‘Fold’ with a cheaper price tag. When it comes to the exact price tag, well, we can’t know that for sure. Your guess is as good as ours, but more info will likely surface soon.