Charge Meter app tells you how fast your phone is charging

While browsing apps, we’ve come across a rather interesting one in the Google Play Store. The Charge Meter app basically tells you how fast your Android phone is charging based on the charger you have plugged in.

The Charge Meter app lets you know how fast your phone is charging

All you have to do is open the app, and plug in the device, and voila. This way you can test which charger charges your phone fastest, and also see if some of them are functioning as intended.

Needless to say, by doing this, you can get rid of some chargers that may not be up to par anymore, or are simply broken. Charge Meter shares a number of charging stats with you.

What other uses does it have? Well, I said that it shares a ton of charging info, and that includes some useful battery info in general. This app can measure real-life battery capacity for you. The app can also look up the discharge speed and battery consumption per app.

It has a number of other stats too

It can also show you the remaining charge time, and the remaining use time. Charge Meter has the ability to display the battery temperature, and can track live charge usage of apps.

Now, do note that the app comes with the light theme as default, but you can change that to the dark theme. The thing is, you’ll need a premium version for that. That feature is locked behind a paywall.

The same goes for picture-in-picture mode for minimized viewing, and home screen widgets. If you decide to go premium, the ads will disappear too. They are included in the free version, as expected.

The app’s UI is very simple, and easy to use. You’ll simply see a ton of stats on the display, and be able to access more of them by tapping on offered, main stats. You can check out what the UI looks like via the gallery below.

Charge Meter (Google Play Store)