Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile global launch delayed to 2024

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Today was a big day for the Call of Duty franchise with CODNext with the reveal of Modern Warfare III multiplayer, but part of the event also included more information about the global launch of Warzone Mobile on Android and iOS devices. First announced at last year’s CODNext event with the reveal of Modern Warfare II multiplayer, Warzone Mobile crept into limited release in Australia not long after. And there it stayed until three more regions were opened up in March of 2023. This included Chile, Norway, and Sweden. Since then, it was believed Warzone Mobile would expand to players worldwide by November of this year. Right around the same time Modern Warfare III launches on November 10.

That will no longer be the case unfortunately with the full launch having been delayed.

Warzone Mobile global launch delayed to Spring 2024

Those hoping to play next month will have to wait a little longer. As Warzone Mobile has now been delayed until Spring of next year. The news comes from Senior Vice-President and Co-Head of mobile at Activision Chris Plummer. Who spoke at CODNext about a ton of changes coming to the game.

Among those changes was a new release date and that the game was being pushed out to next year. When asked when players everywhere could expect to play, Plummer said that the beauty of the game’s limited release is that it allowed the development team to “see the true strength and opportunities for improvement in the game.” Plummer continues by saying that in recent months they “discovered huge opportunities to make the game even better and they decided to take full advantage of that.”

According to Plummer, there are still some more things the team wants to polish before they release the game globally. The good news is that once the game does launch, there’s a lot more content that will be available. This includes new maps for Warzone including Rebirth Island, and a full-on multiplayer experience with familiar maps from Modern Warfare II. The multiplayer will also include 6v6 gameplay with match types like Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and much more.

And don’t forget that the game will have full cross-progression. With both the PC and console versions of Call of Duty Warzone and multiplayer. Basically, it should be worth the wait.