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Buhari Hasn’t Failed Us, He Has Tolerated Us – Masari

Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari has expressed that contrary to the views in some quarters, President Muhammadu Buhari has not failed Nigerians.

Masari made this assertion when spoke in a new interview on Sunday.He, however, pointed out that Nigerians should commend Buhari for tolerating “rubbish from some people.”

He said, “The rating of the President has not changed. Anybody saying that the rating of the Buhari administration has gone down should wait till when we would have an election.

“Protests are necessary in a democracy. Even in the best democracy in the world, people protest. The fact that we have democracy does not mean that people should not complain or protest.

“I don’t think Buhari has failed us, I think he has tolerated us. We once had a civilian president who couldn’t take the rubbish that Buhari is taking from some people”

He described the All Progressives Congress as “the strongest, most reliable, and dependable party in Nigeria today.”We Need International Response To Conquer COVID-19, Terrorism, Corruption, Others - Buhari

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