Big leak details Alienware's 2024 laptops and accessories

Every year Dell and its gaming brand Alienware reveal a slate of exciting new products such as laptops and monitors at CES, and 2024 is no different. A new leak has detailed a bunch of upcoming products from both companies. The information is not all-encompassing, of course. There’s still some stuff the leak doesn’t seem to cover. Such as cost and component specifics. The leak does however mention that all of these laptops should launch on January 11.

That being said there is quite a bit of information to sink your teeth into if you enjoy seeing the new stuff Dell and Alienware have to offer. Windowsreport notes that both Dell and Alienware will have new laptops to feature at CES next year. Additionally, Alienware will be revealing new monitors and new accessories that include a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse.

Dell for its part will be releasing an updated lineup of its premium XPS laptops. All of them will be outfitted with more powerful CPUs and GPUs, but the standout appears to be the XPS 16. This laptop will reportedly feature Intel Core Ultra CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs. Dell is also said to be releasing new XPS 13 and XPS 14 models. Both of these will have graphics from NVIDIA and CPUs from Intel as well.

Alienware laptops for 2024 don’t appear to have any design changes

Alienware Laptops 2024 (2)Alienware Laptops 2024 (2)

Alienware is apparently set to unveil a powerful refresh of its gaming laptops at CES, but it doesn’t look like much if anything has changed with the design. In fact, the design seems almost entirely the same as Alienware’s ‘Legend 3’ design language. Legend 3 was revealed during Alienware’s CES 2023 announcement and was applied to its most recent laptops. And it looks like the company has stuck with this design for the year ahead.

The new laptops purportedly include a refreshed version of the m16 R2. It’ll come powered by an Intel Core Ultra H CPU and RTX GPUs from NVIDIA, likely from the 40-series. Alienware is also expected to include a Stealth Mode on its laptops this coming year that will allow users to scale back the gaming-centric features and effects. This is supposed to be adjustable too. Presumably so the user has some measure of control over how much they want to scale back.

Notably, this is intended to make the laptop appear less flashy and gear its performance more toward productivity purposes.

Alienware’s most premium laptop makes a return

In addition to the m16 R2 Alienware is said to be readying the reveal of the x16 R2. The second generation of its high-end flagship. The x16 R2 should come with many of the same component options as the m16 R2. Including Intel Core Ultra CPUs and NVIDIA’s most powerful graphics cards. And to round things out it looks like the m18 is getting an upgrade as well via the m18 R2. Again, expect NVIDIA’s 40-series GPUs here alongside 14th-gen Intel CPUs providing the main computing power.

Accessories to complete the gaming center

It wouldn’t feel like a proper Alienware CES announcement without some sort of new accessory or monitor to throw in the mix. This year, it looks like Alienware plans to release a new gaming keyboard and gaming mouse bundle for consumers. The bundle will be for the Alienware Pro wireless keyboard and mouse, with the keyboard featuring hot-swappable, RGB backlit keys in a 75% form factor. The mouse meanwhile looks to be a lightweight gaming mouse option geared towards people who want something they can glide across the mat quickly.

That being the case, it seems like it will be marketed toward competitive gamers. Additionally, Alienware seems to be prepping a new set of gaming monitors. These will include an upgraded version of the 32-inch ultrawide QD-OLED with HDMI 2.1 and 4K resolution, and a smaller 27-inch QD-OLED monitor with a faster refresh rate of 360Hz.