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Biden’s Israel Coup Covered Another Iran Deal Scheme

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“Dangerous territory that could trigger an Israeli military strike”

When lefty administrations go after conservative Israeli governments, it’s often because they’re carrying out a preemptive strike on policy that the Israelis would otherwise oppose. The ‘New Middle East’ and the Iran Deal were class examples.

Now the Iran Deal that refuses to die, no matter how discredited it may be, is making a comeback in an even worse form.

The Iran Lobby did not spend all of that time trying to elect Biden, nor did Iranian hackers try to intimidate Florida voters just to get the same old deal as under Obama. That deal was bad, but about a no-deal deal?

Axios reported today that the Biden administration has been discussing the contours of a new nuclear deal with Tehran since January. The prospective agreement would lift some U.S. sanctions on Iran in exchange for the regime freezing some parts of its nuclear program. Tehran thus far has reportedly rejected the U.S. offer. The potential accord comes despite public U.S. assurances as recently as last month that a return to the Iran nuclear deal “hasn’t been on the agenda for months now.”

So they’re lying, but that’s a given.

What does this actually mean?

Last year, the Biden administration offered to provide Iran upfront non-statutory sanctions relief as part of a deal in exchange for a similar halt. In particular, the offer would have rescinded three executive orders sanctioning Iran’s petrochemical, automotive, construction, iron, steel, aluminum, copper, mining, manufacturing, textiles, and financial sectors, including 17 Iranian banks. Many of these sectors are tied to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization. FDD previously estimated that rescinding these executive orders could provide Iran with sanctions-free access to at least $30 billion in annual export revenue.

So in classic negotiating posture, Iran gets billions in benefits in exchange for nothing.

Israeli officials recently told the Biden administration and several European countries that Iran would be entering dangerous territory that could trigger an Israeli military strike if it enriches uranium above the 60% level, as Axios previously reported.

So the Biden regime is bent on forcing out an Israeli government that might actually take action or at least expose what it’s doing.