Bet with Confidence: The Safest Payment Options for Online Betting

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With increased numbers of people preferring to have a bet or wager online, knowing that your details, including your bank details, are safe and secure further increases the enjoyment when playing your favourite games. 

In this article, we shall discuss an option that offers an extra layer of security to your payment options for online games: PayByPhone bill.

How do You Use Your Phone Bill to Pay For Online Casino Games?

Using your phone bill to fund your online casino account is a simple process that does not require you to have a credit card or a bank account. Once you have completed a few steps, you are good to go. 

  • You must be logged into your chosen online casino to fund your account using your phone. 
  • Once you are logged in, navigate to the banking screen.
  • From the selection of banking options, choose Add Mobile. 
  • Select how much you want to deposit into your account.
  • When prompted, enter your mobile number (make sure you do this correctly).
  • Confirm your mobile number and the amount you wish to deposit.
  • You will receive an SMS message on your mobile, and you must hit the link to confirm your transaction. 
  • Once your transaction is confirmed, the deposit amount will immediately be accessible from your casino account.

What Security Benefits Does Using a Phone to Pay For Games Offer?

We contacted the online casino payment experts to learn the security benefits of using a phone to pay for games. A spokesperson advised us that there are many advantages to using your phone to make a deposit, but by far, the biggest one is the added layer of security it offers. 

“Most online banking options, including online casinos, require their customers to enter their bank details. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where certain criminal elements go to great lengths to steal personal information, which includes bank details. 

Luckily, all high-end online casinos use up-to-date encryption software to keep customer information confidential. However, for those who want an extra layer of security, using a phone to pay for games is the perfect option.

Using a phone to fund an online casino account requires no bank or credit card details. Having no banking details online means that even if your account were compromised, there would be no banking details to steal.

We all lead busy lives, and enjoying our online casino games in a safe and secure environment takes much of the stress out of playing online”. 

Convenience is The Name of The Game

As mentioned above, we all lead busy lives, and anything that can make our lives easier during our day is welcomed. 

Funding your account is easy and quick, as there is no need to remember your card or banking details, and there is no need to remember passwords or numbers. This convenience means you can make your deposits within minutes from wherever you are. 

There is no cost to using your phone to fund your account and pay for your games. The cost of games will show on your monthly bill, or they will be deducted from your pay-as-you-go balance. 

*Please note that at the time of writing, pay-by-phone options only apply to deposits and are limited to £30 per day. Any withdrawals must be made into another service, such as PayPal.