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Beeper Mini app brings iMessage to Android users

Beeper Mini Android app

Beeper introduces Beeper Mini, a new Android app designed exclusively for sending and receiving blue bubble messages with friends using iPhones. Previously known for consolidating various chat apps into one platform, Beeper Mini focuses specifically on iMessage integration for Android users.

By ingeniously reverse-engineering Apple’s protocol, the app empowers users to effortlessly sign into their Apple accounts, enabling message exchanges with a direct connection to Apple servers, ensuring data privacy and security.

Beeper Mini app interface

Key Features of Beeper Mini:

1. Your Number Is a Blue Bubble: Android phone numbers now appear as blue bubbles, allowing users to seamlessly join iPhone-only group chats. All iMessage features, including typing status, read receipts, media sharing, emoji reactions, voice messages, and more, are supported.

2. Enhanced Security and Privacy: Beeper Mini ensures end-to-end encryption without using a Mac relay server in a data center. The app directly connects to Apple servers, ensuring encryption keys remain on the user’s device. No Apple ID is required, and Beeper does not access users’ Apple accounts.

3. Standalone Android App: Beeper Mini operates independently without the need for a server, laptop, Mac, or iPhone.

4. Modern Design and Speed: The app features a beautiful design with fast performance, incorporating Material Design elements for a clean and straightforward experience.


The Beeper Mini app is already available to download on the Google Play Store. It is accessible as a free trial for seven days, followed by a subscription fee of USD 1.99 (Rs. 165 approx.) per month.