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BBNaija’s Kemen Reveals Why The Last Respect Given To The Dead Can’t Be Given To The Living

BBNaija reality show star Kemen

has disclosed why the respect given to the death can’t be given to the living as he slams those who attack others based on emotions.

According to Kemen, the love, attention, and respect accorded to the dead can only be accorded to the dead because it’s a one-off thing and that is why it’s termed last respect hence no matter the relationship the dead had with those living that respect will be accorded.

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Kemen opened our eyes with his post saying that the last respect given to the dead can’t be given to the living because it’s not sustainable therefore those making the mistake of not seeing this reality are doing so because of their selfishness.

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Kemen then advised those who attack and criticize others for showing someone love and according to them with respect when they die not to mistake this reality for some selfish emotional bais because the reality is that they have to pay their last respect.

Kemen has made us realized the reason why people show the dead so much love than the living and that can never be given to the living therefore those who criticize others based on emotions for showing the dead so much love should open their eyes and see reality.

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