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Bangladesh: Muslims attack and severely injure Hindu families, vandalize their homes

They “attacked the family with the intention of evicting them from their land.” This is the same story with jihad violence the world over: it is designed for the expansion of Islam at the expense of the infidels, in Israel, in Kashmir, and everywhere else. But these matters are not allowed to be discussed in the broad public forum.

“Islamists unleash series of attacks on minority Hindus in Mymensingh, Bangladesh,” Hindu Post, February 24, 2021

The radical Islamists have carried out a string of brutal attacks in Bangladesh on Hindu minorities in recent times and the frequency of such attacks is increasing with each passing day.

A local Muslim gang of Mohammed Hafizuddin attacked Hindu families at Tarakanda Upazila Mymensingh district of Bangladesh. The goons attacked the family with the intention of evicting them from their land. The family members were badly injured. The attackers did not even spare the women and their houses were also vandalized.

In all cases of attacks on Hindus, Islamists have adopted the same strategy of ransacking and burning houses and places of worship belonging to the minority Hindu community. According to these radicals, the purpose of the attacks is to free Bangladeshi soil from the Hindu community and also to occupy their properties and assets….

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