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Austria: Two-thirds of returning Islamic State ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighters’ have gone into hiding

Meanwhile, look at the results of the survey of Muslim migrants toward the end of the article. “The results were shocking,” says the Austrian publication Unzensuriert, but actually they’re not shocking at all, they’re simply expressions of the positions of the Qur’an and Sunnah on homosexuality and the Jews. It is the willful ignorance of Austrian (and other) authorities regarding the teachings of Islam that has caused so much of the trouble in Europe.

“IS returnees: two thirds in Austria apparently underground!,” translated from “IS-Heimkehrer: Zwei Drittel in Österreich offenbar untergetaucht!,” Unzensuriert, July 14, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Unzensuriert reported last May on the request from FPÖ security spokesman Hannes Amesbauer, including the answer from Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP). At that time it became known that the whereabouts in Austria of around 60 so-called “Foreign Terrorist Fighters” (FTF) were not known. These are people who traveled abroad to fight for terrorist organizations. These Foreign Terrorist Fighters are usually IS terrorists who came home.

Dozens of Islamists “went into hiding”

The liberal General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz has now followed up with his own request. In 2020, the Austrian safety authorities were aware of 336 AGVs in Austria. According to ÖVP interior minister Nehammer, the actual location in Austria is only known of 136 jihad returnees. The others have apparently gone into hiding. For Schnedlitz, the answer to his parliamentary question from the Ministry of the Interior is worrying: “It is simply unbelievable that the Austrian protection of the constitution is only aware of every third terrorist being in Austria. These figures make it clear once again why the terrorist attack last November could even take place.”

Terrifying numbers from the Ministry of the Interior

“The BVT is not even able to monitor 336 terrorists. Understandable when you look at the report from the Bern Club. The actual failure, however, has to be sought from ÖVP interior minister Nehammer and his cabinet. They are not even able to answer the simplest questions from a member of the National Council on the security of Austria. The question: ‘How many IS terrorists, sympathizers and radical Islamists are currently living in Austria?’ Has been more than justified since the terrorist attack in Vienna,” said Schnedlitz.

The reason for this parliamentary question was a study by the research institutes think.difference and SORA. More than 700 14- to 24-year-olds with Afghan, Syrian, Chechen, Bosnian, Kurdish and Turkish backgrounds, as well as some without a migration background, were interviewed.

The results were shocking: almost every second young Afghan and Syrian is homophobic. Four out of ten Chechens and Turks are against homosexuality. But anti-Semitism is also extremely widespread among young Afghans and Syrians. Two thirds of all Afghans regard Israel as an enemy. Four out of ten Syrians and Turks and one in three Chechens and Bosnians think the same way.

“The results of the study went uncommented upon. Here ÖVP party politics are carried out at the expense of national security. The parliamentary right of interpellation is trampled underfoot. That is shameful,” criticized the FPÖ General Secretary.

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