Austria: Muslim migrant who raped and murdered 13-year-old girl is 20, not 16 as he claimed

“Refugee” resettlement officials throughout Europe are so boundlessly credulous that it’s a wonder they have still have homes, cars, and pairs of shoes that sharpies haven’t conned away from them yet.

“Tweet of the day: Medically prove the age of young asylum seekers? Why not!,” translated from “Tweet des Tages: Bei jungen Asylwerbern das Alter medizinisch nachweisen? Warum nicht!,” Exxpress, July 23, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Asylum seekers who have long outgrown their teenage years are making themselves younger for good reason. Anyone who is considered a minor increases their chances of asylum or subsidiary protection. A problem that people in Austria are aware of. But: why don’t the authorities act accordingly?

Lawyer Flatz asks the legitimate question why the age of asylum seekers without ID is not medically checked. It has already been shown several times that people like to cheat regarding their age.

“The most recent conjecture. The perpetrator at #Leonie is not 16, but 20 years old. It is typical that the majority of asylum seekers make themselves younger in order to increase their chances of #asylum and in order to bring their families home. The age of everyone must finally be medically checked!”

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