ASUS's ROG Ally handheld gaming PC is $80 off

ASUS ROG Ally Deal jpg.webp

Best Buy has a deal on the ASUS ROG Ally right now making it even easier to get into a handheld gaming PC so you can play your favorite PC games on the go natively. While gaming laptops can certainly serve this purpose, they’re nowhere near as portable as something like the ROG Ally. Normally the ROG Ally costs $699.99 but with Best Buy’s deal is down to $619.99.

Since this is a handheld it’s been designed to be comfortable to hold for multiple hours. And since it’s an actual PC you can also install anything you want onto it. That means you can load up Steam,, the EA app, Ubisoft Connect and more. And play any of the games you have in those clients provided they support controllers. If you’re thinking to yourself this looks a little like the Steam Deck from Valve, you wouldn’t really be wrong. There’s quite a few differences though. For starters it has a better display. Not only is the resolution Full HD but it also has a 120Hz refresh rate. So games will look sharper and look smoother during fast-paced gameplay.

The ROG Ally also runs on Windows 11. With a full version of Windows 11 installed, you have access to anything a Windows 11 laptop or desktop would have. That means there’s no limits really on what games you can play and what client they’re available in. The ROG Ally has 512GB of storage so you do have a good amount of space to play it. Some games these days do have rather large file sizes though. And because of that 512GB can potentially fill up fast. If for whatever reason 512GB isn’t enough for you, then you can easily insert a microSD card for extra space. You can snag this deal for yourself from the link below.

ASUS ROG Ally – Best Buy